Heinrich Buecker

Berlin, Germany



People around the world are calling for reconciliation, fair and sustainable distribution
of global resources, demilitarization and the truth about what happened on September 11, 2001.

The events of September 11 have been used as the central justification for the "War on Terror"
but very well documented evidence shows that the official explanation of 9/11 just cannot be correct.

The war has caused the death of nearly a million people and while claiming to bring freedom
and democracy, in reality it is fought to secure strategic recources and supremacy.

There is now widespread contamination with cancer-causing depleted uranium munitions
that have been used in large quantities by NATO forces in Afghanistan and Iraq.
There are reports about dramatically rising birth deformities in those countries. (1)

According to the UN environmental agency, a fraction of the annual global military expenditure of
1.000 Billion Dollars could ensure that all humans have access to clean water
and a basic supply of food and healthcare.

Oxfam, a Non-Governmental Organization recently stated that the 8.500 Billion Dollars promised by
rich G8 governments to rescue banks would be sufficient to end global extreme poverty for 50 years. (2)

Rapid conversion of military industries to civilian purposes and the development of ecological energy
resources is therefore both absolutely essential and a real possibility.

The following petitions call for a possible peaceful transformation.

Signatories are nearly a thousand organisations and international personalities
in all fields including politicians and high-ranking military veterans.

Their demands are supported by a huge international grassroots movement.

Please support and distribute these petitions widely

Heinrich Buecker, Berlin

The following declaration I distribute since late 2007:

Troops out Of Iraq and Afghanistan
Demilitarization - Stop Torture
International Investigation of the 9/11 Terror Attacks

Full Text

Nearly 3000 signatories: 

David Swanson  	Co-founder Impeachment Coalition USA 
Cynthia McKinney  Former Cogresswoman, US Presidential Candidate, Green Party 2008  
CODEPINK Women for Peace  co-founder Gael Murphy USA  codepinkalert.org
Green Party of Washington State  	Maryrose Asher, Chair USA  wagreens.us
Dr. Axel Troost  Member of German parliament Bremen, Germany 
The Peace Party  Non-violence, Justice, Environment - UK  	
World Depleted Uranium Centre e.V.  Prof. Dr. Schott Berlin, Germany 
Elizabeth Kucinich  	Wife of Congressman Dennis Kucinich - Ohio, USA 
Jonah House  	Community/Nonviolence/Resistance Baltimore, USA  jonahhouse.org
Desert Greens Green Party of Utah  The Peace Party UT USA  desertgreens.org
Ko Un  	Poet and Writer - Ansong, South Korea  koun.co.kr
Food Not Bombs  co-founder Keith McHenry - NM USA  foodnotbombs.net
Americans Against the War  France  	aawfrance.org
Fr. Daniel Berrigan , S.J.  peace activist, priest, poet - New York City, USA  website
Felicia Langer  Alternative Nobel Prize Laureate , Germany  felicia-langer.de
Heike Hänsel  	Member of Parliament - Tuebingen, Germany  	
Nebraskans for Peace  Statewide peace & justice organization USA  web
Grassrootsamerica4us  Founder Tina Richards - USA  	grassrootsamerica4us.org
Michael Parenti Ph.D.  Buchautor/Wissenschaftler - Berkeley, USA  michaelparenti.org
William Blum  	Author - Washington, DC, USA  killinghope.org
Harold Barclay, PhD  	Prof. Anthropology University Alberta - Canada  	
The Internationale of Military Draft Resisters  Berlin/Germany  idk-berlin.de
Combatants For Peace  Palestinian-Israeli Peace - Palestine combatantsforpeace.org
Green Party of Delaware  David A. McCorquodale, Treasurer - USA  gpde.us
Peace Not War Japan  Raising awareness about peace - Tokyo/Japan  pnwj.org
Stefan Ziller, Member of City Council Berlin  B90/Grüne, Germany
Ingrid Zimmermann, Member of City Council in Kiel (Die Linke), Germany
Wolf Theilacker Member of City Council Heilbronn, (Green Party)  
Florian Jansen, Member of City Council in Kiel (Die Linke) , Germany 
Renate Bahr, co-founder Green Party Austria
Richard Sanders  Coalition to Oppose the Arms-Trade --Ottawa/Canada  coat.ncf.ca
Coalition to Reaffirm & Extend the Geneva Conventions  Eugene, OR/USA  website
German Freethinker Association  	Chairman K. Hartmann - Germany  freidenker.de/
WIR FRAUEN e. V.  Feminist Movement Magazine - Germany  wirfrauen.de
Women Against Military Madness  Chair Polly Mann - MN, USA  worldwidewamm.org
Campaign to Make War History    	London/UK  makewarshistory.org.uk
Peace Movement Aotearoa  Peace Organisation - Aotearoa/New Zealand  	website
Indymedia Perth  Ray Grenfell, editor - Perth/Australia  perth.indymedia.org
Unite  	Union of Workers - Auckland/New Zealand  	unite.org.nz
Peace NO War Network  Lee Siu Hin - Los Angeles, CA/USA  PeaceNOWar.net
The Camp for Climate Action 2007  Leeds/UK  	climatecamp.org.uk
Wales Network for Peace & Nonviolence  	Cardiff/UK  cynefinywerin.org.uk
SAWA  	Support Association for the Women of Afghanistan - Australia  sawa-australia.org
Humanist Party of India  	Sudhir Gandotra - Delhi/India  humanistparty.org
Environmentalists Against War  	Gar Smith, co-founder - SF, CA/USA  website
Ukhampacha Bolivia  Indigenous Journalism - La Paz/Bolivia  website
Global Coalition for Peace  	Bethesda MD, USA  globalcoalitionforpeace.net
Maryland United for Peace & Justice  Annual Peace Conference - USA  mupj.org
Norwich Stop the War Coalition- P. Offord  Norwich UK  norwichstopwar.org.uk
Curare e. V.  	human rights organisation- Köln/Germany  curare-ev.de
People for Peace in Africa  	J. A.Ngala, Journalist, Shalom Prize Winner - Nairobi/Kenya  	
Hartford Catholic Worker Community  Christopher J. Doucot - Hartford CT/USA  	
People for Peace and Justice of Utah  grassroots movement - UT/USA  utahpeace.org
Australian War Criminal Watch  Sydney, Australia  australianwarcriminals.jitgede.com
Genesee Valley Citizens for Peace  A. H. Matlin, M.D., Cofounder, USA  gvcp.org
SONAD  Organisation for Nonviolence & Development, Light Aganwa -Khartoum/Sudan  	
Bruce K. Gagnon  Coordinator Global Network Space For Peace - Bath, ME USA  space4peace.org
Nepal Peace Party  Chair Bolaram Pandey - Kathmandu/Nepal  	
K. Bracken  Secretary Victoria Branch Maritime Union of Australia  mua.org.au
Mira Svartnes Thorsen  Treasurer, The Green Party Norway gronne.no
Paul Craig Roberts  	Former assistent editor, Wall Street Journal - Panama City, FL, USA  	
Cristina Gay  	Speaker UNE AUTRE GAUCHE - Belgium  uneautregauche.be
Marie Kullman  Coordinator Buffalo War Resisters League - Buffalo, NY, USA  	
Peter Simpson  Co-founder, Futenma-Henoko Peace Network - Okinawa, Japan  fhan.org
Nancy O’Byrne  Coordinator, Pax Christi Northeast Florida - St. Augustine, USA  	
Rosemarie Pace  Director Pax Christi Metro New York - New York, NY, USA  	
Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility  Chair R. Larson -USA  oregonpsr.org
Landesvorstand der Berliner Freethinkers  E. Dobias -Germany  berliner-freidenker.de
Association for International Solidarity  P. Betscher- Germany  Soli-International.de
P.R.E.S.S.  Resident Petition f. Environmental Safety & Security Ohio USA  nnwj.com
Resistance for Peace  Human-Earth-Animal Rights - Austria  	resistanceforpeace.org
Italo-Palestinian Friendship Ass. of Florence  	Chair Mariano Mingarelli  web
Kathryn Kuppers  treasurer for North Carolina GREEN PARTY  
Merrimack Valley People for Peace  Lou Bernieri - Merrimack, NH, USA  website
Grandmothers Against the War  Joan Wile, Founder, New York City, USA  website
Iowa Peace Network  Nonviolent Direct Action - USA  iowapeacenetwork.org
Deanna Taylor  co-founder, Green Party Peace Network (GPPN) - Utah, USA  	website
Human Rights Without Frontiers, Nepal  	Raju Thapa, Pres. - Nepal  hrwf.net/nepal
Axis of Logic  	Les Blough, Editor - USA / Venezuela  axisoflogic.com
Women Against War  Capital District, NY, USA  womenagainstwar.org
CAMS  	Coalition Against Militarism in our Schools - LA, USA  militaryfreeschools.org
Northeast Impeachment Coalition  Susan Paine Serpa - MA, USA  	neimpeach.org
Burhanettin Dag  co-chair, Central Council of Islam, Germany (ZMD)  	zentralrat.de
Peace Network of the Ozarks  Springfield, Missouri, USA  ozarkpeace.net
John LaForge  	co-director Nukewatch - Wisconsin, USA  nukewatch.com
Roman Brusa  	Chair Green Party - Luzern, Switzerland  gruene-luzern.ch
Shan Oakes  Green Party MEP candidate - Beverley UK  	voice-international.net
Taiwan Friends of Global Greens TFGG  	Activist Group - Taiwan  thegreens.org.tw
Amy Drayson  	Euro Candidate, Ipswich Green Party - UK  ipswichgreenparty.org.uk
Barney Richards  New Zealand Peace Council - Wellington, New Zealand  	
Stuart Hutchison  Organizer New Jersey Impeach Groups -NJ, USA  impeachthem.com
Shane Collins  	Lambeth Green Party - London, UK  	
Angela Klein  chief editor Sozialistische Zeitung (SoZ) - Cologne, Germany  soz-plus.de
ABBO  	Americans In Berlin  & Brandenburg For Obama - Germany  abboforobama.de
Hanan Awwad  Chair Women's Internat. League f. Peace & Freedom  Palestine - Jerusalem website
Nariman Al Far  Vice-President Palestine Women's Internat. League f. Peace & Freedom - Palestine  	
Christine Lane  Informaton Officer for WILPF Palestine - Bir Zeit, Palestine  website
VREDE  	peace organisation, Ludo De Brabander - Vrede, Belgium  	vrede.be
Stephen Fournier  Attorney, Co-chair, Green Party of Connecticut - USA  	stepfour.com
Christian Stalberg  	Organizer Blackwater Watch - North Carolina, USA  	blackwaterwatch.net
Deacon Thomas C. Cornell  	Assoc. Editor The Catholic Worker - Marlboro, NY USA  	
Matthew W. Daloisio  Catholic Worker, Witness Against Torture - New York City, USA  witnesstorture.org
Dorothy Shaw  Atlanta Grandmothers for Peace - Snellville,GA, USA  	
Luci Murphy  	Gray Panthers of Metropolitan Washington - DC USA  	
Lou Stolzenberg  Coordinator, Religious Leaders for 9/11 Truth - USA  .rl911truth.org
Pete Perry  Board member of the Washington Peace Center - Washington, DC USA  	
Physicians for Peace and Social Responsibility  	Malaysia  ppsr.org
Raymond Graap  	Co-Chair, Democracy for America - Tucson, Arizona, USA  	website
Dr. Michael D. Knox  	Chair, US Peace Memorial Foundation, Inc. - Tampa FL USA  uspeacememorial.org
Carlos Vassaux, M. D.  Chair International Physicians against Nuclear War - Guatemala City, Guatemala  	
Stacey Fritz  	Coordinator, No Nukes North - Fairbanks, Alaska USA  nonukesnorth.net
Mike Caggiano  President, San Mateo Peace Action - CA USA  sanmateopeaceaction.org
Michael Carano  State Co-Coordinator for Progressive Democrats of America, Ohio PDA  - USA  	
Dr. Leo Rebello  World Peace Envoy, editor of World Without Wars - Bombay, India  	healthwisdom.org
Patrick Carano  Progressive Democrats of America, Ohio Chapter - USA  www.pdaohio.org
Susan C. Paine Serpa  Northeast Impeachment Coalition - Mass. USA  republicansforimpeachment.com
Nada Khader  Executive Director WESPAC Foundation - NY USA  wespac.org
Elizabeth Woodworth  Coordinator, Political Leaders for 9/11 Truth  pl911truth.com
Munich American Peace Committee  	Marie Voss - Munich, Germany  mapc-web.de
John Morris  The Peace Party, Non-violence, Justice, Environment - UK  peaceparty.org.uk

all signatories at www.war-is-illegal.org/english.php


Globally more than a billion people live in absolute poverty, which means living on less than one dollar per day.
Nearly 3 billion people live on less than two dollars per day.
At the same time the cost of staple foods is not lower in impoverished regions. 
The ecological crisis our planet is facing, including pollution, scarcity of resources, environmental degradation, 
and loss of biodiversity has to be seen in the context of the entire poverty cycle.
Equal representation to all citizens, regardless of economic status; access to safe drinking water,
proper sanitation, and proper health care (including family-planning resources); universal access to education.
Only international cooperation and demilitarization can bring about these changes.

Reference to the sentence
"According to the UN environmental agency, a fraction of the annual global defence expenditure 
could ensure that all humans have access to clean water and a basic supply of food and healthcare."

UNEP Protection and Promotion of Human Health